Our Offering

We combine advanced software development technologies with our National Systems and ISR Mission Experience to solve our customer’s most challenging problems

Mission Domain Expertise

Our team has decades of multi-domain mission experience
  • OPIR: Tasking, Mission Management, Processing & Exploitation
  • SIGINT: National & Tactical Mission Management Processing, Exploitation & Analysis
  • GEOINT: Exploitation of EO, SAR, & SOM
  • Resource Management: BLOS Comms Optimization, Comms Service Management, Real-Time Service Monitoring, Command & Control

Machine Learning

  • We develop single and multi-modal networks capable of making supervised and unsupervised inferences, predictions, and automated feature extraction
  • Our networks leverage cutting-edge techniques such as net-surgery, hallucination, and transfer-learning to reduce error rates, lower training corpus size, and decrease the human cost of training a system
  • Our solutions utilize SIGINT, GEOINT, OPIR, MASINT, and OSINT
  • Stratagem’s Iris framework incorporates best practices and extensions to open source libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow

Data Analytics

  • We develop algorithmic and big data solutions that automatically derive patterns of life, predict likely outcomes, and automate decision making
  • Our data analytic solutions classify and index data to enable our algorithms to efficiently fuse data and derive actionable intelligence
  • Regardless if the job calls for a Bayesian network, Markov model, or Kalman filter, Stratagem’s experts know how to implement the right solution based on the mission need

Cloud-Optimized App Development

  • We develop applications that are designed specifically to leverage the scalability, resilience, and mobility of the cloud
  • Our applications are built on modular architectures and utilize third-party infrastructures which allow them to be quickly updated, dynamically deployed, and instantly scaled as demand rises and falls
  • Our applications are insulated from their infrastructure so they remain cloud-agnostic

Operations Support

  • Stratagem’s Intelligence Analysts work on the digital front lines to analyze, interpret, and transform data into actionable intelligence
  • Our mission domain experts interpret data from disparate sources to create operationally impactful products for decision-makers and warfighters
  • Stratagem's domain experts are also an integral part of our engineering process and we leverage their expertise to deliver our customers the right solution based on the real mission need

System Engineering

  • Stratagem’s System Engineers navigate complex systems to deliver meaningful, usable, and maintainable solutions
  • We deliver mission critical infrastructure, optimizing performance, and security
  • Understanding the ins-and-outs of new development, we elevate true user experience (UX) to the forefront of our applications, ensuring the end-user is given something easy to use, something they want to use, and something that feels modern