Our Offering

High Caliber Multi-Disciplined teams that combine advanced software technologies with decades of mission domain expertise to solve our customer’s most challenging problems.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • We have expertise and have developed solutions in a wide range of areas: Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Game Theory, Object Classification, & Hallucination
  • Our cutting-edge techniques reduce error rates, lower training corpus size, and decrease the human cost of training a system
  • Our solutions use SIGINT, GEOINT, OPIR, MASINT, and OSINT data
  • Stratagem’s Iris framework has best practice extensions that reduce project start up time while quickly ingesting the latest libraries and algorithms

Cloud-Optimized App Development

  • We develop cloud-agnostic applications that are designed specifically to leverage the scalability, resilience, and mobility of the cloud
  • Our applications are built on modular architectures and utilize third-party infrastructures which allow them to be quickly updated, dynamically deployed, and instantly scaled as demand rises and falls
  • All solutions are deployed with Stratagem’s DevSecOps pipeline which is continually refreshed and built on years of experience

Data Analytics

  • We develop algorithmic and big data solutions that automatically derive patterns of life, predict likely outcomes, and automate decision making
  • Our data analytic solutions classify and index data to enable our algorithms to efficiently fuse data and derive actionable intelligence
  • Regardless if the job calls for a Bayesian network, Markov model, or Kalman filter, Stratagem’s experts know how to implement the right solution based on the mission need

Mission Domain Expertise

Our team has decades of multi-domain mission experience
  • OPIR: Tasking, Mission Management, Processing & Exploitation
  • SIGINT: National & Tactical Mission Management Processing, Exploitation & Analysis
  • GEOINT: Exploitation of EO, SAR, & SOM
  • Resource Management: BLOS Comms Optimization, Comms Service Management, Real-Time Service Monitoring, Command & Control

System Engineering

  • Stratagem’s System Engineers navigate complex systems to deliver meaningful, usable, and maintainable solutions
  • We deliver mission critical infrastructure, optimizing performance, and security
  • Understanding the ins-and-outs of new development, we elevate true user experience (UX) to the forefront of our applications, ensuring the end-user is given something easy to use, something they want to use, and something that feels modern

Mission Support

  • Stratagem’s Intelligence Analysts work on the digital front lines to analyze, interpret, and transform data into actionable intelligence
  • Our mission domain experts interpret data from disparate sources to create operationally impactful products for decision-makers and warfighters
  • Stratagem's domain experts are also an integral part of our engineering process and we leverage their expertise to deliver our customers the right solution based on the real mission need